How to Clean a Wooden Kitchen Table | 5 ways to Clean Wooden Table Safely

How to Clean a Wooden Kitchen Table | 5 ways to Clean Wooden Table Safely

Cleaning a wooden kitchen table is an important task to keep the table looking great and extend its lifespan. Here are some detailed steps on how to clean a wooden kitchen table.

We will share with you table cleaning methods on how to clean a wooden kitchen table to maintain its shine and prevent damage. A wooden table must be cleaned regularly. This will not only give your table a new look but also protect it from any kind of insects or bugs that might try to infect your wooden furniture. We recommend cleaning the wooden table once a week. Before beginning the cleaning process, remove any objects on the table such as dishes, placemats, or other objects. This will make it easier to clean the table and avoid any damage to the items.

It is also advisable not to leave peels or food items such as ketchup, jam, soy sauce, etc. on the surface as they may stain the table. So follow the steps given below, hope you can clear your table after following the steps.

5 Best and Natural Ways to clean a Wooden Kitchen Table Safely

  1. Cleaning with a soft cloth
  2. Cleaning with Vinegar
  3. Cleaning with Method Liquid
  4. Cleaning with Cheesecloth
  5. Cleaning with OIL SOAP

Clean Wooden Kitchen Table with a soft cloth

The wooden table must be cleaned with a soft cloth to avoid damage. However, you can clean your wooden table with a soft cloth. This method is the easiest, free, and trial. You need to take a soft cloth and wet it, but be careful not to get too wet with water.

It only takes a minute to wipe your wooden table wet with a soft cloth. If you use too much water, it can be harmful if the table is made of weak wood. Clean the table with a damp cloth and then wipe it clean with a clean cloth, it will retain its luster and beauty.


Clean the table with any cloth so that it removes dust. Take a soft cloth, moisten it a little and squeeze it. Clean the table thoroughly with this but make sure that the cloth is not too wet and there is no dust on the table otherwise stains may leave.


Clean Kitchen Wooden Table with Vinegar

Wooden tables are prone to stains, but you can use vinegar to clean them. Vinegar contains acetic acid which helps in the effective removal of blemishes. Mix three tablespoons of white vinegar in a cup of water and then wet the soft cloth with this solution.

Now spray this solution on a wooden table and then wipe the table with a clean, damp cloth. This will keep your table bright and clear of stains. Do not use too much vinegar and do not wet the cloth too much. Clean properly.


To clean your wooden furniture, clean it of dust and dirt. With a cloth then mix 3 tablespoons of white vinegar in 1 cup of water and sprinkle it on a soft cloth but be careful not to use too much vinegar. Do not wet the fabric too much. After that, if you turn a clean cloth on it, the shine will be restored and it will also be clean.

Method Daily Wood Cleaner


The plant-based formula cleans shelves, tables, and other wood surfaces. This bottle contains 828 ml of spray. Removes dust and dirt. Its fragrance makes your home fresh and clean. This cleaning spray removes dust and dirt without damaging the wood surfaces.

You can use this spray daily for your wooden tables, counters, walls, and shelves. This formula not only brightens your furniture but also protects it from damage. You can buy this spray offline and online.


Wipe dust off the table with any cloth. And spray the appropriate amount on the table. And if you use foam or soft cloth, it would be good if the spray liquid sticks well to the table.

OIL SOAP Wood Table Cleaner

Original oil-based oil soap wood cleaner and multi-use wood cleaner. Cleans shine and protects all the excellent wood surfaces in your home. Easily removes dirt and grime without the use of harmful chemicals. Safe to remove stains and urethane.

It can make furniture, cabinets, doors, floors, and tables clean and shiny. They are available in liquid form which is one gallon. You can easily order it from the online and offline markets.


1/4 cup Murphy Oil Soap in 1 gallon of warm water. For heavy cleaning, dilute 1/2 cup Murphy Oil Soap per gallon. Clean the table with any foam cloth and apply the liquid to it. Use soap liquid as needed.


Cheesecloth Wood Table Cleaner

We all know how difficult it can be to clean wood surfaces. It can scratch, or even stain, but with this cloth, you can clean the table without any damage. Cheesecloth is made from 100% natural non-bleached heavyweight cotton. This cloth is used for many household chores but with it, you can easily clean your wooden kitchen table.

There is nothing unnatural about it that could damage the table. It cleans gently and effectively. A good way to restore the beauty of your furniture, especially wood pieces and to maintain its original shine.


These soft ingredients are used to clean the wooden table after eating and drinking. The cloth you can use without any spray and in the methods, we have mentioned you can use this cloth but it does not have any special spray or liquid with which you can clean it. It is just a soft cloth that gives a temporary odor and The dust clears.


Conclusion and advice

Cleaning a wooden kitchen table is a simple but necessary process. Which can be done with a few basic steps. Removing anything from the table, dusting the table, and using a mild detergent to clean the table are essential steps to keep the table looking great and extending its life. It is important to avoid using too much water on the table as it can damage the wood. And be sure to follow the steps given above to keep your table clean.

So here are five tips to help you clean your tables. There are some free ways to do this, but there are some ways to invest. So if you can buy soup etc. that we have listed then you should buy the same first because it is a very safe and good way but if you want to clean for free then we have also told you to take care of your tables carefully.


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