20+ Most Usable Different Types of Table

Hello friends we have mentioned several Different Types of Table below. It contains most of the tables that are used frequently. Scroll down for details.


The purpose of listing types of Table is that some people want to buy a desk for their home office and living room and they are confused about how to buy a desk that fits the space and is good for us.

Table are furniture that can be used in the office, at home or in public places. They are often used for eating and working on projects. Tables come in a wide variety of materials, so it’s important to know the shape and design of each material before making a decision.

By the way, there are many types of tables but which are being used more. We have listed the same and mentioned it in detail. That’s why we’ve mentioned twenty different types of tables below and also a buying guide for your convenience.

The Best Recommended Types of Tables

One of the most essential pieces of furniture in your home is the desk. But don’t just stick to the typical type of tables you see everywhere. There are several different options to consider, each with their own pros and cons. We have mentioned in detail below.

Meal & Drink Tables

Tables used for eating and drinking like coffee, food and drinks are very important in the home. Tables can be used not only for eating, drinking but also for displaying items. Traditionally, it is important that tables are easy to use. There should be no barrier between those using the table and those eating and drinking in front of them. Its types are mentioned below.

Coffee Table : Coffee tables come in many designs. Most are delicate and beautiful but slightly smaller in size than a normal table. Along with this coffee there is a place to read magazines and books. And they mostly provide seating for two or four people.

Drink Table : Drinks tables are perfect for a kitchen or bar area. Slate is an attractive and durable material, which will not scratch or chip easily. Drink tables also have different designs and shapes, but most drinks are drunk standing up. Therefore, round-shaped tables are mostly used for this.

Dining Table : Dining table is an important part of kitchen and dining room. And will anchor your space with an elegant charm. As a piece of furniture that can be used in multiple ways. The dining table can be placed anywhere in the house. And these are available in various shapes and designs. It also has more or less sizes i.e. the table is selected according to the number of people.

Kitchen Table: The kitchen table is not only a place to prepare food, but it can also serve as a dining area after you have finished cooking. It has two types of tables, one is used for preparing food. And one that is used for eating. But kitchens mostly use cooking tables. Square shape is preferred in this.

Fire Tables : When you hear the name fire tables you might think what kind of tables I mean, but I mean tables with fireplaces, which are mostly used outdoors. Its specialty is that you can heat food in it without any fear. Fire tables are a great addition to any room. With their modern lines and sophisticated feel, they exude a clean style and add to the beauty of a room.


Types of Tables by Materials

Tables are an important part of the modern home. They can range in size, shape and material. The table you choose will depend on your budget, living situation and personal taste. The following are the materials that make up most tables. Made of wood, glass and iron and tables are made of various materials which are mentioned in detail.

Wood Veneer Table :  These tables are made from thin sheets of wood glued to a base layer of wood or plywood. You can find them at any price and they are often the most affordable option for those who want a table that they can keep permanently. Tables made of this material are by no means weak. And it can be found in various shapes.

Marble Table: Marble Table are mostly used in kitchens and other places where it is kept permanently. Marble Table are now everywhere because of their beauty and aesthetic appeal, as well as their sturdiness which means they can withstand heavy duty use.

Solid Wood Table : Solid wood tables are often made from solid wood, which is a type of hardwood. This type of table is usually more expensive than other types. And such furniture is used in offices and most special places. Expensive but also strong and attractive.

Metal Table : Metal tables are made of metal and often come with a surface that is either plastic or glass. These tables can be found in many different price ranges, and are usually cheaper than wooden tables. Metal tables are not very attractive, but they are attractive if they have glass tops or modern designs.

Glass Table : Glass tables have no other materials. They are usually the most expensive type of table to buy because they require a lot of labor to make. But they can be used in all places. Yes, one thing is that if the table top is made of weak glass, then it is not suitable for heavy work. But such tables are mostly used for offices and decoration.

Types of Games Tables

Pool Table : A pool table is a table with green cloth, or bays, and six pockets in the middle. The object of the game is to use the cue stick to hit balls into the pocket. So pool tables are used only for game. And can’t play any other game apart from this game. Pool tables are rectangular in shape and made of solid wood.

Ping Pong Table : A ping pong table is a table with a net in the middle and players play across it. It is rectangular in shape and can be used for other purposes if the net is removed from it. They are usually heavy and expensive.

Foosball Table : A foosball table has a large, flat surface on each side and rods that are used to control players on the field. A foosball table is used to play the game of foosball. They are expensive but usually smaller in size than a ping pong table. They are mostly rectangular in shape and are found in both metal and wood materials.

Card Table :Card game tables are usually small. And are available in almost every shape. Players can play on this table. That is, they are like a normal table but have a green cloth or soft carpet on top and have a different design from the rest of the tables. And if desired, these can be used for other purposes as well.

Types of Tables by Shapes

There are different types of desks available in the market, each with its own characteristics. Like fitting in less space or being easy to carry around. Since we have mentioned different types of tables in this article, we have also mentioned the tables which are popular in terms of shapes so that you do not have any difficulty in selection.

End Table : A beautifully designed end table has a sleek, modern design and has the same top as a regular table, including rectangular and square shaped tables. Tables with glass tops and wooden tops are preferred. And it can be perfect in your living room or with any interior decoration. It is made of solid wood and finished with a sturdy metal base.

Console Table :  Console tables are slightly different in shape from regular tables. Because console tables are used either for makeup or for any light work. These tables are usually more elegant and rectangular in shape but slimmer in size.

Side Table : The name of the side table alone gives you an idea of what it can be like. These desks are usually used for side work. That is, side table, you can use sofa bed with bed, but they are not for heavy work. These are generally used to hold mobiles or to hold laptops and lamps etc.

nesting tables : Nesting Tables These are the shape and design of tables in which you can place three or four tables in less space. Because the middle of its tables is empty, in which another small table can be placed. These tables can be used in various functions with food and drink.

Square or Rectangle : Square and rectangular tables are common tables, but we’ve included them in the list to keep in mind. And tables of this shape are made of different designs and different materials.

Mid-Century Modern : Mid Century Table This table is usually placed in the middle of every room. They are used for eating and drinking and for various purposes. These are usually placed in front of the sofa. But usually its design is made according to the middle space and there are chairs around it.

C-table : The shape and design of the C table is similar to the letter C itself. Since these are modern designs, the names are also different. These are generally used for standing work, but now there are low-height desks available in the market that can be used for sitting while working or eating.

Drum Table :Drum Table This table is generally preferred by music enthusiasts as it does not have any special features that make the general public interested in it. These tables are used for eating, drinking and reading and are shaped like a drum.

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